Some Chinese government departments, funding agencies and learned societies have issued regulations, 

directives and guidelines on research integrity, and research institutions, universities and colleges have also

developed their guidance on academic norms and policies for handling research misconduct. 

  Most of these regulations and policies are in Chinese, however there are some unofficial translation of some 

documents, including Opinions on Strengthening Research Integrity of Our Country jointly developed by ten 

agencies and academies, including the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Education (MOE), 

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), National Natural Science 

Foundation of China (NSFC), and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

   Here are some more or less official academic norms and codes of conduct:

  1. Directives on Codes of Conduct for Sci-tech Professionals (MOST, MOE, CAS, CAE, CAST)


  2. Academic Norms of Philosophy and Social Sciences Studies for Institutions of High Learning 

  (Trial) (MOE Committee for Social Sciences)


  3. Code of Conduct for Sci-Tech Professionals (CAS)


  4. Opinions on Enhancing the Construction of Codes of Research Conduct (CAS)


  5. Codes of Scientific Ethics for Sci-Tech Professionals (Trial) (CAST)


  6. Guidance on Academic Norms of Humanities and Social Sciences for Universities and Colleges 

  (Study Ethos Sub-Committee of MOE Committee on Social Sciences)


  7. Guidelines on Codes of Integrity in Research Activities (MOST Office of Research Integrity)


  8. Guidance on Academic Norms of Science and Technology for Universities and Colleges 

  (Study Ethos Sub-Committee of MOE Committee on Science and Technology)


  9. Opinions on Further Regulating Research Conduct of Universities and Colleges (MOE)


  10. Statement on Responsible R & D Conduct related to Transgenic Technologies 

  (Academic Divisions of CAS)


  11. Towards Excellence in Science (Academic Divisions of CAS)


  12. Codes of Medical Research Integrity and Related Conduct (National Health and Family Planning 

  Commission (NHFPC), the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine)


  13. "Five Prohibitions" in Publishing Academic Papers (CAST, MOE, MOST, NHFPC, NSFC)




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